Singular Web Browser on the Singularity Network

It’s time for a new internet. The old net is heavy, hard to create for, and increasingly complex.

We’ve created a new internet, and a new internet browser.

Introducing Singular, the most advanced Web Browser in the world.

VR, 3D, from the ground up, Singular operates on the GPU for maximum performance.

True WYSIWYG. Remember when designing for the web was easy, and designers did not have to wrestle with nerdy data-driven abstractions? Singular’s web browser shows every visitor the same design, exactly as you designed it. There’s no guesswork, no vast device compatability libraries. 16×9 is the standard format. Period.

There’s more.

Access to the Singularity gives you 1 free website. This includes a name. Gone are the days of paying expensive fees just to register a name, registration on The Singularity is free and instant. Register your name, and it is immediately available. There is no TLD, so you are free to come up with any name you please, even Unicode characters and punctuation.

Download Singular, the first browser of The Singularity.

Singular offers a free, unbiased search engine called Flux, that gives users more control over content. Ad Free, Flux delivers your search results based on fair search rules.