This is _MASSIVE

This is _MASSIVE, a truly massive world engine that can render a galaxy to scale, or generate every city on Earth in real time


We started out making a tool to create large worlds in Unity, but our Massive Rocket Engine is now a standalone system, capable of generating the entire Universe to play in, or to run simulations in. Not just an engine, _MASSIVE can generate very large or very small (as in atomic scale) simulations in the same scene, and move seamlessly between them. There’s no loading time or floating origin, or any other workaround to get large spaces to work seamlessly, _MASSIVE operates natively on 64bit coordinates.

We’re currently part of the New Internet Initiative, a massive new Internet based on the real universe, with virtual coffee shops, real chat rooms, and spatial navigation. Travel anywhere, build your home anywhere on the virtual Earth, or a base in the Orion cluster.

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