This is _MASSIVE

_MASSIVE Alpha Demo

Windows 64bit

Massive Installer File: Download MassiveSetup.msi
Download, Double click to install. Find it in All Programs->_Massive

What is _MASSIVE?
A 3D universe crafter, explorer, and social network. It is whatever you want it to be!
You have the entire universe to explore. Build whatever you like, add your own images, collaborate with friends and meet people from around the world universe.

Find the zones you like, and build nearby.

Current Alpha Demo limitations:
Create Max 100 Objects per person.
100 Maximum players.

System Requirements:
Windows 64Bit,
OpenGL4 compatible Graphics card (most cards)


Create from a library of objects

Move and rotate objects you own.

Upload your own textures, photos.






Create teleporters to send visitors to any point in the universe










Enjoy a shared experience. Chat with people nearby using Proximity Chat (coming soon)

Orion Art Gallery – The first real art gallery in _MASSIVE. Featured artists are changed occasionally, so drop by again.

You can go far. The seamless, _Massive multiplayer virtual area is over 16,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000, 000km! The full size of the Universe!

Colonize planets, or entire galaxies. Quickly jump to areas on the map with the Map Viewer.

Disclaimer: This is an alpha proof-of-concept demo. Things may go wrong. The program may crash.

If you have any issues we’d appreciate a mail to :

Some computers don’t have MSVC Redistributable libraries installed which may result in a crash on startup.
Download the MSVCR package from Microsoft here: Download VC_REDIST64
(This will be included in the official release)